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The Photo Canvas Process

Photos, artwork and posters are hermetically sealed with a protective and environmentally safe invisible laminate. This little known process, used extensively in Europe, is what gives MuseumBond the rich luster and enhanced colors that other processes are unable to provide. Photos, artwork or posters on any print is not affected by our process, and there is no need for further spraying or mounting. Both matte and semi gloss finishes are available, and UV filters are incorporated into the laminate to inhibit fading.

To create the rich texture of a MuseumBond canvas, the image is made as thin as possible by stripping away all the backing paper. Only the paper's emulsion is bonded to the canvas. We are perhaps the only canvassing company to perform this critical extra step. To your benefit, the result is the deepest texture available.

The next step involves bonding the stripped emulsion onto the highest quality artist canvas. Both a 10 ounce and a 12 ounce grade are available, with the 10 ounce offering a finer texture. The more pronounced texture of the 12 ounce canvas works best with 24"x30" and larger prints. Ninety-five percent of our customers prefer the 10 ounce canvas.

In the final step, each print is carefully stretched by hand, over Fredrix stretcher bars. This gives the look and feel of a truly exquisite piece of art. You receive each piece ready to frame or with wraps for you to immediately hang. Due to the archival quality of the materials used, the photos, artwork and posters will have the longevity to be passed down from generation to generation.

Guarantee: By stripping to the emulsion level, we can guarantee that your canvas will never buckle or wave after it's stretched. MuseumBond guarantees complete satisfaction. We will do whatever it takes to make it right.